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Teaching Series with Donna Martin and Georgia Marvin: Talks on the Hakomi Education Network and The Hakomi Method

Beliefs, adaptations, working with the adaptive unconscious, organization of experience

1: An Introduction HEN as a global network, websites
2: The Evolution of Hakomi A little history of the development of the Hakomi Method
3: From Techniques to a Method Loving presence, assisted self discovery, the use of mindfulness and the importance of the present moment experience
4: Hakomi As Assisted Self Study Relational mindfulness and states of mind
5: Principles of Hakomi Loving presence, organicity, mindfulness, non-violence, holism and unity
6: Loving Presence Loving presence and practices
7: Tracking and Contact Tracking, contact and limbic resonance
8: Indicators
9: Curiosity and Not Knowing Experimental mind, tolerance for not knowing
10: Hakomi Practices What do we practice?
11: Experiments in Mindfulness Types of experiments, purpose of experiments, exploring reactions, experimental attitude
12: Missing Experiences What is missing?
13: Integration The embodied experience of integration
14: Deliberate Practices Practices for the client
15: Skillful Hakomi Silence and following, emotion, memory, shame, group healing and working with the child state
16: Teaching Hakomi Donna and Georgia talk about the art of teaching Hakomi
17: Training Groups Donna and Georgia talk about training groups using experiential learning, advanced practices and multi-level trainings

Hakomi Education Network Vancouver

As visitors to this sacred land, we offer respect and gratitude to the people who have come before us, and all stewards of this land: past present and future. We recognize that what is now known as Vancouver is the traditional unceded land of the Tsleil-waututh, Squamish and Musqueam peoples and is now also home to many diverse Indigenous, Inuit and M├ętis peoples. We are grateful to have the opportunity to be nourished on this land and we set our intention to be instruments of healing.

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